Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: Strange Angels

Strange Angels
By Lili St. Crow
293 pages (of which I read 208)
Published by Penguin group

What its about:

The Real World is a frightening place.  Just ask sixteen-year-old orphan Dru Anderson, a tough girl who has taken down her fair share of bad guys.  She's armed, dangerous and ready to kill first and ask questions later.  So it's gonna take her a while to figure out who she can trust...

Dru Anderson has been "strange" for as long as she can remember, traveling from town to town with her father to hunt the things that go bump in the night.  It's a weird life, but a good one- until it all explodes in an icy, broken-down Dakota town, when a hungry zombie busts through her kitchen door.  Alone, terrified, and trapped, Dru's going to need every inch of her wit and training to stay alive.  The monsters have decided to hunt back- and this time, Dru's on their menu.  Chances of survival? Slim to none.

What I thought:

Well.... I really tried with this book.  I pushed through as much as I could stand before I finally said I can't take it any more.  First of all, the writing in this book is, annoying, for lack of better word.  It has so many cliche's and little kid/wives tales like its everyday life it made my head hurt.  I don't use step on a crack fall and break your back, I don't give a rats patootie, or any other lame term in my everyday life and I don't know why everyone in this book does! Second, there are always way too many conversations going on.  I can't keep up with what is being said between two characters when Dru's inner monologue gets way too far ahead and totally off subject.

I also had an extremely hard time keep up with settings.  It takes far too long to describe a setting and by the time I get caught up they're somewhere else and I have no clue what is going on.  I couldn't relate to the characters because I feel like they all hate themselves too much.  Dru doesn't think very highly of herself and she seems to hate Graves the main male character, which I don't think I'm supposed to get the feeling she can't stand him, I'm pretty sure he is intended as the love interest but I didn't feel it.  I liked when Christophe came around because I like that he kept saying to Dru "you don't listen" because she doesn't! and she can't make up her mind.  One minute she's a tough chick ready to take on the world the next she's insecure and confused.  There is also a lot of repeating in this book, I think I was told about 12 times in the first few chapters that zombies disintegrate fast.  It makes me feel dumb, like I couldn't get it the first time, although I did. 

 I know a lot of people love this book, but I can't stand it.  I couldn't even finish it which says a lot because I don't usually give up on books.  I didn't see any character development, love story development and had no clue where they were or what was going on half the time.

Sorry to everyone who liked this book!  I'm still very open minded and would love to read your reviews of this book, so let me know if you have one! maybe I'm just missing something.  but all in all I'm only giving this book:


  1. I'm really curious to read this now, but also a little nervous. If it's as bad as you say, it will take me forever to get through it. But I'm going to give it a shot. I'm excited to hear what you think of Storm Born. Out of her 3 series, this one is my least favorite, although it's still pretty good. Happy reading! :)

  2. Looks like it has lots of action. I am following from the hop. I like your blog and the review is very concise and good. Thank you for sharing.
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