Sunday, November 30, 2014

ARC review: FISH OUT OF WATER by Natalie Whipple

What it's about from goodreads: 
Mika Arlington was supposed to spend the summer after her junior year shadowing her marine biologist parents at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but when her estranged grandmother randomly shows up on the doorstep one day, those plans are derailed. Because Grandma Betty isn't here to play nice—she is cranky, intolerant of Mika's mixed-race-couple parents, and oh yeah she has Alzheimer's and is out of money.  While Mika's family would rather not deal with Grandma Betty, they don't have much choice. And despite Mika's protests, she is roped into caring for a person that seems impossible to have compassion for. And if that wasn't hard enough, Mika must train the new guy at her pet shop job who wants to be anywhere else, and help a friend through her own family crisis. Something's gotta a give, but whichever ball Mika drops means losing someone she loves. Not exactly a recipe for Best Summer Ever—or is it?

What I thought:
Well Natalie has done it again! Another non stop page turner! I love all of her books and this one is no different. I love watching Mika grow, and learn to love in about every way possible. There's so many feels as Mika goes through some life changing events. This book is easy to relate to and so fun to read. I love having a book I can't put down. The writing and characters are beautiful and everyone should read this book, especially if you've had difficult family to deal with! 

I give this book:

Thank you Natalie for letting me read your book!