A little glimpse at the real life people who inspire me to be me, to read and write, and just love life.

The Hubs:  My amazing, sexy and always supportive husband.  I couldn't breathe with out this guy so he's for sure #1 on my list!  I got lucky and found a love worthy of any great love story in any book.  He's a 100 times better than any Edward out there!

Jambot: Half robot, half fun in a box but always the BFFE! This is the girl who can always make me laugh and inspire most comedy in my life.  The one person I can tell anything to and know it's safe with her!

JennOne of my writing partners in crime.  I know if I show her my writing she'll be supportive and help me get through the crazy times.  There aren't many people I trust my WIP with, but she's for sure one! And of coarse one of my best friends!

Aubrey: My other Writing partner in crime.  This awesome lady keeps me from too many grammatical errors, which trust me I need help with most days!  and another BF!