Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Richelle Mead signing

My Friend Jenn and I ran away to Portland this week to see the all time great Richelle Mead.  Portland is beautiful and I was in awe of all the great talent at the signing.  We met bloggers, other Authors and OF COARSE Richelle!

Richelle read from Spirit Bound.  I loved how she had to explain why Rose wanted a popsicle it was such a great insight into her writing process and some of the things Editors ask and press the writers about.  Richelle brought a box of goodies they handed out to people and there were 150-200 people there to see her! It was amazing!  After her reading she did a Q&A and there were some great questions asked!  Even Jenn got a chance to ask a question! She was so brave I wouldn't have been able to do it.  Jenn asked her, what her favorite and least favorite part of the writing process was.  I got it on video and if I can figure out how to flip the video so it doesn't play on its side I'll post it.

We took Richelle a shot glass from Utah, and we're Fan girl type excited to see that we made her blog! http://blue-succubus.livejournal.com/251020.html 

The trip was short but so worth it!

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