Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Lost Saint Release Party!

Happy Book Birthday to Bree's Book The Lost Saint!

To kick off the release of the book King's English had release party that I was lucky to go to with my awesome ladies!  Sadly I didn't get too many pictures and again didn't get a group picture, I really need to get better at that!

Bree did an amazing job talking about her book and her process of getting through it, which I always love hearing peoples writing stories.  Jenn, AKA the girl who ditched her book with Bree, asked about how Bree found an agent. Bree talked about AgentQuery.com.  Someday people will be asking Jenn those questions and maybe even me. 

Bree was beautiful and confident and very personable as usual!  I love that her family always comes to her events, what a great support system!

Thank you to the Hubs and Jenn's Sparky for babysitting tonight we love you guys and it was so much fun!

Bree thank you for writing these amazing stories! You're a huge inspiration and you keep us entertained! WE LOVE YOU!

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